About Us

In 2004, Sermetal Company has been established to produce different type of wires in Balıkesir Gönen “Bandırma Organized Industrial Zone” in 20.000m² area.

Our enterprise has been established to respond the needs of local plants, manufacturers, wholesalers, and the people with agriculture and animal husbandry profession. Sermetal is established with initially 200tons/month capacity and increased the capacity as soon as to 3200tons/month by well evaluating the demand in that area. Sermetal has become one of the top manufacturers of our country. In addition, Sermetal has started to export its product to many countries in Europe and Africa.

Quality Raw Materials
Qualified Personnel
Precise Work

Selecting high quality raw materials, qualified employees with meticulous work in each phase of production are the most important reasons for the hot-dip galvanized wire users to choose us.

Sermetal is following closely the developments in advanced technology in its area. Also Sermetal is continuing to be in top players in Turkey by paying attention to customer satisfaction and innovation.

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Sermetal Tel

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